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Create Your Own Hand Painted Christmas Wine Glasses

The festive season is here again already, and you’re probably starting to think of ideas for gifts and for how to make your home look more festive! One fantastic way to start feeling ‘Christmassy’ is to start working on creating an impressive Christmas dinner table! One great way to do this is to make your very own set of hand painted Christmas wine glasses. This may sound complicated (and messy!) but it doesn’t have to be! You can paint absolutely any design you like, and it could either be something quite challenging or something really simple.

Christmas wine glasses

So…where to start? The first thing to do is to find some wine glasses, preferably cheap ones as you may want to buy a couple of spares in case you need to practice first! You can also buy coloured glasses, so if you wanted you could paint your design on a red or green background, giving it extra colour. There are also lots of different shapes and sizes to choose from. And who says it has to be for wine? Why not consider painting a beer or gin glass for someone?

You will also need to buy some special glass-painting paints, which you can find online or in most craft stores such as Hobbycraft. You’ll also need a couple of different sized paint brushes, a larger one for larger areas of colour, and a small one for painting the finer details. And finally…you’ll need to decide what to paint. (Thinking of ideas can often be the hardest part!) Things like Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa hats, presents and stockings are all lovely festive items and can be painted in nice bright colours like reds and greens.

Make sure you give your glasses a clean before you start painting, as any dirt on there could stop the paint from sticking. Always follow the instructions on the paint packaging as drying times, curing instructions etc can differ between manufacturers.

It’s best to leave around an inch around the top of your glass so that there’s room to drink from it. The easiest way to do this is simply to wrap some masking tape around the top of your glass, which can easily be removed after you have finished.

Then get started! Try using a black outliner first, and then once dry you can add the colour inside. If you’re after a more opaque finish you may need to give it two or three coats.

You can use different sizes of brush for different parts, so for example you may need a fairly large brush for the larger areas, and then a very small brush for the finer details.

If you don’t fancy painting, then another option is to decorate your glasses with little coloured diamantes, pearls, holly embellishments, etc. These will look extremely pretty, although you will need to take extra care when washing them so that the decorations to not come off.

If you would prefer to create some glasses that can be used all year round rather than just during the festive season, then you could still add a festive touch to them by tying a Christmassy ribbon in a bow around the stem, or adding some Christmas wine charms. You could make every ribbon or charm different, so that your guests remember which is their glass! Then after the festive season is over they can remove the ribbon or charm, making it suitable for all-year round use!

Christmas wine glass charms

So why not have a go at creating your very own set of hand painted Christmas wine glasses, then sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of vino!

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