Hand Painted Champagne Flutes & Wine Glasses Personalised For Your Wedding Day

The task of finding the perfect wedding gift…

We’ve all been there…trying to think of an extra special gift idea for someone who’s about to get married. No matter how many weddings you have been to, finding the perfect gift never seems to get any easier! But have you ever thought about hand painted personalised champagne flutes?

This is actually how Cheekyvino Designs came about! I had searched high and low for a special gift for my brother and soon to be wife, but couldn’t seem to find anything that was quite right. I even looked online to try and find hand painted glasses, but couldn’t find any I liked.

Then I had an idea…why not try painting some wedding glasses myself? I’ve always been quite creative but never tried glass painting before!

Hand painting my first ever wine glasses!

Later that day I found myself at Hobbycraft buying all the materials I needed (to be honest I wasn’t really sure what I needed, and so the whole thing was a bit of an experiment!)

Back home I went through several attempts at painting them and admittedly quite a few did end up in the bin! Eventually though it all came together and I was actually really happy with the finished result! Here they are, my first ever attempt at glass painting!

In fact I enjoyed painting them so much that I decided to carry on with it, and it soon became a bit of a passion /obsession!! I went on to start up the Facebook page and then Cheekyvino.co.uk.

Since then I’ve painted well over 1,000 glasses and enjoyed every single one of them! Admittedly some have been a lot more challenging than others, but were all worth it in the end!

Without a doubt one of my most challenging orders was for a peacock theme with Diamante decorations. These required a lot of attention to detail and a teeny weeny brush, and in the end they turned out just how I had imagined!

Hand painted themed peacock champagne flutes for a wedding

Another one of my most challenging designs were some champagne flutes I painted for my friend’s wedding, whose dress was coral coloured with diamante decorations. (It turns out that coral is not easy, but several attempts later I managed to achieve the right colour!) It was rather a difficult design and I have to say it built my confidence up!

Bespoke painted champagne flutes wedding breakfast

Free personalisation for all wine glasses and Wedding champagne flutes!

Hand painted wedding glassesTo make the wedding champagne flutes (and wine glasses) extra special I always offer free personalisation on the bases, such as names, wedding date etc or a special message, which I can write in either black or silver.

Over the years I’ve written some really lovely messages for people, and some of them I will always remember.

One of my favourites is “You are my lobster” (any Friends fans will remember this!) and another is “I love you more every day” which was for a 1st anniversary gift.

Hand painting the glasses to match your wedding colour scheme

I am able to match most jacket colours for the groom, usually black, grey, charcoal or navy, and have even done a few other colours in the past, including burgandy! If you know the colour of the groom’s tie, I can usually match this too. Or perhaps you would like the groom’s tie to match the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses to incorporate this into the glasses.

Personalised champagne flutes as thank you gifts!

I have probably painted more bridesmaids wine glasses and flutes than any other type of glass, simply because people tend to order several at a time.

They make fantastic thank you gifts to give to the bridesmaids, either the night before the wedding, the morning of the wedding, or to have waiting for them on the table at the wedding breakfast (which is what I did for my bridesmaids at my own wedding! They looked really pretty in this stone colour). I also had glasses waiting for our parents, best men (we had 2!), and of course myself and my new husband! We had an Autumn theme with lots of oranges, reds, and earthy colours, with Autumn leaves scattered all over the tables and harvest themed centrepieces.

personalised champagne flutes bridesmaids

Bridesmaids champagne flute gift ideas

Painting tartan waistcoats on the men’s wine glasses or champagne flutes!

One of my favourite types of glass to paint is the groom style glass with the tartan waistcoat. The first time I ever did this was actually a request for my first ever top table order (so I was thrown in the deep end a bit!)

The customer wanted to know if I could incorporate tartan somewhere to match the groom’s family tartan. Since then I’ve painted many different tartans, and whilst some are definitely a lot more complex than others, I am now confident enough to say that I can paint absolutely any tartan!

Hand painted tartan champagne flutes

Whatever the wedding outfits, I can usually incorporate them into the glasses and sometimes even match the outfits exactly! Here’s a lace bride’s dress I did recently with a low back, definitely one of my favourites! I’m still waiting for someone to get married in a lace dress with a keyhole back, as I’m dying to paint one of these! Perhaps it can be my next project!

Hand painted lace wedding dress

Happy customers!

I get fantastic feedback from my customers and I’m told the glasses are often a big focal point at the wedding, and that the photographer can’t get enough of them! Not only do they add an extra special touch to any wedding day and the champagne toast, but they are also great for bringing out for celebratory drinks on anniversaries for years to come!

Here are just a couple of testimonials from a couple of my happy customers:

“Just to let you know that we have received the flutes. All I can say is AMAZING!!!!!!!! Thank You very much. I will defo be coming back to you in the future!!!” – Sarah

“Just wanted to say I have received the wine glasses and they are absolutely gorgeous, had me in tears. I can’t thank you enough.” – Lindsay

So if you’re looking for a truly unique and fun way to add that extra special touch to any wedding day, I can thoroughly recommend getting a pair of hand painted personalised champagne flutes! You can view our full range of wedding champagne flutes and wine glasses by clicking here.


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