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3 Inspiring Ideas To Get Your Creative Glass Painting Juices Flowing

Being faced with a blank canvas can be very daunting. We’ve all been there! Sometimes no matter how hard we try, that space doesn’t get filled.

Sometimes we just need some inspiration! Of course, when I talk about a blank canvas, I mean any surface you intend to decorate with your artistry! It doesn’t have to be hand painted wine glasses like these. It could be any glass surface. Even your fishbowl!

This article aims to help you get started. To help you fill that blank canvas and get your creative juices flowing.

So without further ado…

3 Ideas To Help You Fill That Blank Canvas

Simple Glass Painting Designs

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Some of you may probably have seen a lot of different glass art designs with intricate patterns, involving complicated designs and colors. At first, my tendency was to back off and push the idea of painting my very first art on a glass. But there’s no need to fret actually.There are simple designs and patterns of glass painting that a beginner, with not-so-much experience, can try. Even kids can start explore their creativity with these.

Source: Easyday

Tap Into The Emotions

Let your imagination run wild and think outside the box. Sometimes a good idea is staring you in the face. Why not look at the object you want to paint and see how you can tap into the emotions connected with the object. These glasses are a great example of this by making full use of the sort of emotions you might feel at the end of a long day.

Injecting some humour into your style will go a very long way and if you’re stuck for ideas, you can always ask our friends or family to help you along your way.

Develop Your Own Theme

You can apply your creativity to anything that’s made of glass which makes this craft so versatile. Here’s a great example of a very unique style of painting by ‘Witchcrafts’ who produce a range of glassware all painted by hand by Steph who lives in Scotland.

This is a great example of finding your niche and developing your style which can take a while to do, but you will eventually find your style. Once you do, there’s no stopping your creativity!

I hope you found that helpful. Would love to get your feedback, so go ahead and comment on the article and let us know about your own experiences and how you find inspiration to get into the creative state of mind.


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